Korso Rot

Korso Rot is a devious disease capable of infecting even the dead. It is luckily quite rare but some poor adventurers get the disease from the ditches of Korso. Some even say that the putrid rats carry it in the sewers under the forsaken city.

No-one is safe from it. Be it a vampire, a chaos beast or a virtuous priest, the Korso rot will strike when it wants to. While it is not lethal it can be nasty for a warband to have.

Effects of Korso Rot:
An infected warrior suffers a temporary minus 1 to his strenght and toughness. After each game fought the player must throw d6 for each infected warrior.

1: Aaaachoo! The disease spreads. Pick one warrior randomly from your roster and mark the disease on him.

2-4: It’s a tricky one! The disease continues to bother the warrior although it does not spread within the warband.

6: Cured! The warrior is cured. Remove all temporary penalties suffered from the Korso Rot the warrior has.

Potion of Cure Korso Rot

Potions are commonly sold on the black market. They have Rarity 6 and cost 3D6 gc.
These potions do not automatically cure the disease as many of them are frauds. If a warrior drinks a potion like this roll d6 to determine its results:

1: Aacchht! The potion causes severe diarrhea. The warrior is not cured but must miss the next game.
2-3: Scheisse! The potion is a fraud with no results.
4-5: Ooooh! The cure is legimate and the warrior is cured. Remove all temporary effects caused by Korso Rot.
6: El Scorpio is ready! The potion does not only cure the patient but imbues him with strenght and rage. For the duration of the next game the warrior gains frenzy and +1 strenght. Remove all temporary effects caused by Korso Rot.

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Korso Rot

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