All armours and black powder weapons have their prices lowered by 20 %.

Under is a list of different eguipment with fixed prices:

Spear 5gc
Morning star 10gc
Gromril weapon 3xprice
Ithilmar weapon 2xprice
Lance 25gc
Elf bow 35gc
Hunting rifle 70gc
Gromril Armour 100gc
Ithilmar armour 60gc
Blessed water 10+2d6gc
Bugman’s ale 20+3d6gc
Cathayan silk clothes 30+2d6gc
Crimson shade 25+d6gc
Dark venom 10+2d6gc
Elven cloak 50+d6x5gc
Healing herbs 15+d6gc
Holy Tome 50+d6x5gc
Hunting arrows 20+d6gc
Mad Cap Mushrooms 15+2d6gc
Mandrake root 15+d6gc
Mordheim map 20+2d6gc
Superior blackpowder 15gc
Tome of magic 100+4d6gc
Wardog 20+2d6gc

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