Bounty Points

Bounty points are gained from bad deeds (or good!) and random events. Each hero can gain bounty points from different sources such as the injury chart. Henchmen groups can also gain bounty points collectively, although this happens more rarely as they can only gain them from special scenarios and other events, not from the injury chart.

Each hero and henchmen group begins with 0 bounty points.

Once a hero or a henchmen group gains bounty points they become tempting targets for their opponents. When an opponent takes a hero or a member of a henchmen group with bounty points out of action, he will gain a reward equal to the number of bounty points the target has. Once this bounty has been paid, the hero or henchmen group loses all of its bounty points.

If a warband wants to get rid of a bounty it has, it can pay it to one of the aides of Count von Bratwurst. Igor the Purser pays bounties for harming ’’good’’ warbands and Father Stefan pays bounties for harming ’’bad’’ warbands.

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Bounty Points

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