Korso has six different districts:

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1st Chapter

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1. Claiming camps

The first round includes three matches of good vs. evil
- Beastmen vs. Witchhunters
- Vampire Counts vs. Marienburgers
- Skaven vs. Dwarvf Treasure Hunters

Each match takes place in one location and after the match the players receave a camp – an item to the gang treasury with a given benefit. Naturally the winning team gets to pick first.

Flood Town – Either Wizard’s Tower (±1 on one exploration dice per game) or Wrecked Mansion (+3 to a single roll to find a rare item once per game).

Riverside – Either Bridge Tower (Reroll one exploration dice per game) or Dock House (After each game one hero, who did not go out of action, may option to transport passengers over the river instead of going to the trader. If so he gather 2D6 gc of profit).

Acveducts – Either Sewer Entrance (The player may always extend or reduce the boundaries and restrictions of his deployment by 2". For example if he has to deploy 8" from the table edge he may increase that to 10" and if he may not deploy closer than, say, 12" to an enemy model, he may reduce that limit to 10") or Ancient Shrine (Once per game reroll one dice).

Randomise the locations.

2. Winners & Losers

After the first round form two groups from the winners and losers. Losers play in the Gardens and winners play in the Slums.

Playing order for both groups. Randomise roles (A,B,C)
A vs. B
A vs C
C vs B

Count wins and determine the winner of the winner group (The Triumphant) and the loser of the loser group (The Underdog). If unsure, roll dice to determine these two warbands.

3. Aftermath & Redemption

The Aftermath takes place at the City Walls. It is a “Don’t Wake The Giant” four player multiplayer game. The playing warbands are everyone except the winner of the winner group (The Triumphant) and the loser of the loser group (The Underdog)

The Redemption takes place at the location of the Triumphant warbands camp location where the Underdog warband surprises the Triumphant warband. It is a Surprise Attack Scenario with the following exceptions:
- Follow the terrain rules of the location the battle takes. Include a terrain piece to represent the Triumphant warbands camp.
- The Triumphant warband gets to make the terrain by himself.
- If the Underdog warband manages to win, he may decide to take over the Triumphant warbands camp. If this happens, the Triumpant warband automaticly receives the Underdogs camp. In other words: the Underdog may choose to switch camps if he wins.

2nd Chapter

After the first chapter the warbands have established themselves and are now known by the Korso community. As the bands are gearing up in their camps they are simultaneously approached by the messengers of either Igor the Purser or Father Stefan, depending on the bands alignment. These messengers hire the groups to form two factions, the good and the bad, and both factions have a mission that promises great treasures.

1. The Writings on the Wall

Ancient scriptures (No Antelopes) that hold the incantations to an ancient spell are spread across the long forgotten walls of Korso. Legends tell of a man called “the Lord of the Night”, who used to roam the dark alleys of Korso and his mad writings form these scriptures. The scriptures are divided into three different locations and each warband gets sent to one of these. The good and the bad are divided to recover them and have to face each others.


Undead vs. Beastmen
Witchhunters vs. Marienburgers
Skaven vs. Dwarves

Locations are randomised with a d6. One of the six districts in Korso.

Extra: Count the wins and losses for the good and the bad. Each warband gets an additional reward depending on the success of their alignments side.
1 win: 10 gold for each warband on that side
2 wins: 20 gold for each warband on that side
3 wins: 30 gold for each warband on that side
For example: If the good warbands win two games out of the three games they play, each of them gets a reward of 20 gold crowns. Or if the bad only win one of the games, each bad warband gets a reward of 10 gc. Remember, however, that the scenarios may end in a draw in which case no-one wins that game!

2. Spell Failure

Eventually the scripts end up in the hands of Helmut Sturmkraut who orchestrates a grand ritual and casts the spell. Unfortunately, the spell goes horribly wrong and massive herds of walking corpses begin to rise from the southeastern fields. The warbands suddenly find themselves surprised by the flow of the zombie hordes and have to leave their camps. The fast retreat is followed by a struggle for survival as the warbands seek shelter deeper from the forsaken city.

By chance the warbands manage to survive unharmed until they reach the City Walls. There they face a wandering mob of walking dead and another warband. A bastion of hope, the great wall, rises ahead of them and a single gate or bridge on the other side of the table leads to the only path to survival.


Terrain: on one side of the table place an impassable obstacle and a single narrow pathway in the middle that leads to salvation. The city also suffered from earthquakes caused by the spell and all bridges collapsed in this part of the city: don’t place any wooden bridges.

Play the game as Breakthrough, but consider both players as attackers. Their deployment zones are on one of the two corners on the same table edge. The zones are 8" from the corners. The only way to “break through” is through the narrow passage in the middle of the opposite table edge. Place 2D6+5 zombies on the table. They must be placed at least 18" from the starting corners and at least 6" from each other. Take turns placing the zombies.

Deployment: Roll dice to determine who gets to choose from the two table corners. The one who chooses deploys first.

Starting the game: The zombies take the first turn and move 4" unless they can charge, in which case they always do. If a player model is within 12" of a zombie, the zombie moves towards the model. Otherwise they move 4" into a random direction. You may determine the random direction for groups of up to 3 zombies with a single roll to speed up the game.

Victory conditions: Either the opponent routs or the other warband manages to get 3 of his models through the passage.

- If the random encounter dice is rolled, the zombies gain an extra turn!
- This scenario is about survival: each warrior that is taken out of action during this scenario will miss the next game!!
- All warbands lose their camp after this game

Beastmen vs. Skaven
Undead vs. Marienburgers
Witchhunters vs. Dwarves


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