Count Klaus von Bratwurst

After years of total chaos in the city and its surroundings the Emperor decides to send an emissary to purge the city and reclaim it back. This emissary, poor Count Klaus von Bratwurst, quickly finds out that by taxing the rich merchants he can gain a considerable income and live luxuriously in one of the nearby keeps. This all would end if the Count would let the city get purged. Due to this the poor Count von Bratwurst does his best to maintain a status quo within the city and its surroundings and simply sets few laws and taxes for the habitants of the city surroundings.

However, to make things more complicated Count von Bratwurst has three aides who each in turn stir things up in Korso. These aides are: The counts purser Igor, a Kislevian merchant who secretly worships Chaos and helps the evil factions in the city; Father Stefan, a holy man of Sigmar and the one who tries to force the Emperor’s will on purging the city; and Helmut Sturmkraut, a mysterious wizard with an obsession on finding all kinds of weird relics from the city.

Igor the Purser

Father Stefan

Helmut Sturmkraut


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