Windows can only be passed through if miniatures base is not too wide to enter the window. A human can fit through a 20 mm wide window, an orc can fit through a 25 mm wide window and so on.

When fighting through windows both participants take -1 to their hit rolls. Stunned and knocked down warriors can only be hit through window with spears and halberds.


Everyone can enter through a door even if the miniature would not normally fit through. If the miniatures base is wider than the door the door is considered difficult terrain.

Four legged beasts

Animals such as dogs, wolves and other four legged creatures (including centigors) that can move inside buildings can not march on ladders. Charging happens normally, however. Horses can not move by ladders.

Tight spaces

If it is obvious that a miniature would not fit into a place, it can not enter the spot nor move through it. Doors are the only exception to this rule.

Friendlies and line of fire

If a friendly warrior is in the line of fire when shooting at an enemy the shooter takes a -1 to his hit roll. In addition, if the hit misses by one, the projectile hits the friendly warrior on the way. For example, if A shoots at B, but his friend C is on the way, A hits B on a roll of 5+. If he rolls 4 he hits his friend C.

Marching near enemies

If an enemy model is within 8’’ of the warrior he must succeed in a leadership roll if he wishes to march. If the enemy is clearly out of sight the warrior can ignore this rule. However, if he could hear the hidden enemy by succeeding a Initiative roll when within 4’’, he can infact know where the enemy is. In this case he has to roll a leadership test if he wishes to march.

Max stats and other

Vampires have max S and T = 5 and max I = 7. Fair for everyone.

When an 8 is rolled on the Hero Advancement Table, the player may choose whether (s)he wants to increase Initiative or Leadership (’cause no-one wants LD anyway)

Henchmen and hired swords can never raise their Leadership (re-roll the result).

If a warrior can’t obtain nor use missile weapons (or cast spells) he can’t gain BS.


Advanced critical tables are in use. Knives/Daggers use the one for Unarmed attacks.


Models that are Frenzied gain +1 Attack. The attacks aren’t doubled as per the rulebook. Makes sense, yes?

Scenario & Random event monsters

Killing random monster does not give experience points. Only epic monsters such as spawns, demons etc give experience when slain. This does not override special scenario rules for experience.

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