Injury Table

Serious Injury Chart:
Roll d100 if a character is still incapacitated at the end of the battle. Treat one die as tens and the other as ones.

01-04 DEAD
The warrior is dead and his body is abandoned in the dark alleys of Mordheim, never to be found again. All the weapons and equipment he carried are lost. Remove him from the warband’s roster.

The warrior is dead but his body is recovered from the dark alleys of Mordheim. All the weapons and equipment he carried are recovered by his warband. Remove him from the warband’s roster.

The warrior is dead but his body is recovered from the dark alleys of Mordheim. All the weapons and equipment he carried are recovered by the opponents warband. Remove him from the warband’s roster.

The warrior is not dead but has suffered a lot of wounds. Roll D6 times on this table. Re-roll any ‘Dead’, ‘Captured’ and further ‘Multiple Injuries’ results.

The warrior is later found unconscious from a dark alley without his pants and d6 gold pieces stuffed into his shirt. The insident is never discussed within the warband.

Some wicked spirit takes residence in one of the warrior’s hands, roll to determine which hand. When ever the warrior wishes to strike with this hand in hand to hand combat he must roll a d6 to determine what the spirit wishes to do:
1 – Aargh! The hand strikes the warrior back. Roll normally as if the warrior tries to strike a blow at himself.
2 – Stiff! The hand refuses to do anything. The warrior loses this attack.
3-4 – That’s cool! The hand works normally.
5 – Bash! The hand works normally but strikes this strike with +1 strenght.
6 – Frenzy! The hand moves fast as lightning. Immediately make an extra attack!

17-19 TRAITOR!
The warrior sides up with the opponents team. If the opponent player accepts the new comer, move the warrior to the opponent players roster and increase the warriors Bounty Points by 5. After each game (after exploration) the treacherous warrior has participated roll a D6 for results:
1 – It worked just like we planned! The treacherous warrior was bluffing and manages to steal gold pieces from the opponent players treasury. Immediately return the warrior back to his home band and remove 5D6 gold pieces from the opponents treasures and move them to the home bands loot. Increase the warriors Bounty Points by an additional 5 point.
2 – I don’t like this! The warrior returns to his home band (If he is welcomed back!)
3-5 – Let’s go! The warrior continues to acts normally as a member of the band.
6 – Oath! The warrior swears an oath and becomes a permanent member of the band. The player no longer has to throw this table after games.

If the opponent refuses to take the warrior into his team the warrior automaticly returns to his original warband without anyone ever knowing of his treacherous attempts.

The warrior’s leg is broken. He suffers a -1 Movement characteristic penalty from now on.

Roll again:
1 = Severe arm wound. The arm must be amputated. The warrior may only use a single onehanded weapon from now on.
2-6 = Light wound. The warrior must miss the next game.

Before each game roll a D6. On a 1-3 the warrior suffers from stupidity; on 4-6 the warrior suffers from frenzy for the duration of the scenario. (see the Psychology section for details).

26-27 SHAKEN
The warrior experiences severe traumas and suffers a -1 Leadership characteristic penalty from now on.

The warrior gets fed up with the band and decides to become a freelancer. Remove the hero from the roster (unless the warband immediately hires him!) and turn him into a custom Hired Sword character. This Hired swords hire cost is one third of the hero types base price with an upkeep of half the hire cost. If the warband the hero wishes to leave wants to hire him immediately they can do so without paying the initial hiring fee. Upkeep, however, must be payed immediately.
If the warband does not wish to keep the Freelancer, other warbands may try to hire him. It is left to the players discretion to decide who the new hired sword accepts as clients. Reiklander warbands might not accept ghoul hired swords, but might accept a dreg as an hired sword for example.

The warrior survives without severe damage by playing dead and hiding in the ditches. He manages to snatch an additional wyrdstone from a scavenging adventurer he surprises. Add one wyrdstone to the warriors treasury. For his lowly acts the warrior gains 5 Bounty Points.

32-33 SHAMED
The warrior survives without injuries but feels shamed for getting beaten. He ends up drinking d6 gc in a merchant tavern and ends up in a fight earning him 5 Bounty Points.

The warrior disturbs an uneasy spirit that begins to follow him. Every time the warrior tries to charge an opponent he must pass a leadership test. If he succeeds nothing special happens and the warrior may continue with his charge. If he fails his charge immediately fails and a ghostly apparition emerges form thin air and charges him. The apparition has the following statistics:
M4 WS3 BS0 S3 T3 W2 I3 A2 LD10
The apparition vanishes once either the warrior or the apparition is taken out of action. If the apparition manages to take the haunted warrior out of action it gets its revenge and ceases to haunt the warrior.

36-37 ROTTEN
The warrior falls into one the sewer holes in the city and falls sick. The warrior catches the Korso Rot.

A local mad scientist and his aides capture the unconscious warrior and use him as a test subject for the scientist’s crazy experiments. Roll D6 for results:
1 – FAILURE! The mad scientist tries to change on of the warrior’s legs into a mechanised steam leg. The leg is removed, but the mechanical leg fails to function. The mechanised leg functions as a peg leg but the warrior suffers a -1 to his movement score. If the warrior wishes to repair and activate the mechanised leg, he may try to find a mechanic to do so. Count this as an item with rarity 10 and a price of 20+3D6 gc. Once activated remove the penalty to the warriors movement score. If activated the warrior can once a game use the leg to make an additional move of d6’’ during his movement phase.
2 – BOILS! The mad scientist tries to make a cure for burns but instead manages to burn the test subject. The warrior has to miss the next D3 games but gains HORRIBLE SCARS.
3-4 – BUMMER! The mad scientist tries his potions on the warrior and causes a horrible diarrhea for the patient. The warrior must miss the next game but is cured from Korso Rot if he has it.
5 – THERE! If the warrior has any of the following injuries he is cured from one their effects (roll randomly if the warrior has multiple injuries): Chest wound, Smashed leg, Blinded in one eye, Old battle wound, Nervous condition, Hand injury, Leg wound and Arm wound.
6 – BETTER! The mad scientist accidentally manages to increase the warriors strenght score by 1.

The warrior returns back to the warbands camp. He is angry at his mates for leaving him behind and engages in a knife brawl against one of his fellow heroes (determine this randomly). The fight is fought with a single knife without any additional gear. The player of the warband can decide that one or both of the warriors cheat and use other eguipment such as armor or better weapons against each other. If a warrior cheats like this he gain 5 Bounty Points. Resolve this fight immediately before exploration phase.

While the warrior does not loose his vision altogether his initiative and ballistic skill is redused by 1 point.

44-45 PHOBIA
The warrior is permanently traumatised and gains a random phobia. Roll D6:
1 – Fear of wealth! The warrior may never go exploring for wyrdstones nor can he carry treasures nor wyrdstones in scenarios.
2 – Fear of heights! The warrior does not want to climb or enter a place higher than the street level.
3 – Fear of closed spaces! The warrior does not want to enter buildings.
4 – Fear of open spaces! The warrior does not want to enter open spaces or streets.
5 – Fear of loneliness! The warrior never wants to be away from his buddies. He wants to stay within 1’’ of at least one friendly warrior.
6 – Fear of armour! The warrior never wants to use any armor.
If the warrior is forced to do something he fears he suffers a -1 to all his rolls that attempt to score big and +1 to all rolls attempting to score low.
Warriors immune to psychology and fear are fully recovered. A phobia may be cured by gaining the immune to fear ability.

The warrior is caught by either Igor’s or Stefan’s hirelings (depending on the alignment of the warband) and thrown into the dungeons of Count von Bratwurst’s keep. The warrior stays prisoned until the warband pays his ransom which is one third of the starting price of the hero type.

48-49 COMA
The warrior falls into a deep slumber and must miss all games until he is revived. After each game, roll d6. On a roll of 4+ the warrior wakes up and does not have to miss games anymore.

Roll again:
1 = The warrior may not run any more but he may still charge.
2-6 = The warrior misses the next game.

The warrior has been badly wounded in the chest. He recovers but is weakened by the injury so his suffers a -1 penalty on his toughness score

The warrior survives but loses the sight in one eye; randomly determine which. If the warrior is subsequently blinded in his remaining good eye he must retire from the warband.

The warrior survives, but his wound will prevent him from fighting if you roll a 1 on a D6 at the start of any battle. Roll at the start of each battle from now on.

The warrior’s nervous system has been damaged. His initiatice score is permanently reduced by 1.

The warrior’s hand is badly injured. His Weapon Skill is permanently reduced by 1.

The warrior has suffered a serious wound and must miss the next D3 games while he is recovering. He may do nothing at all while recovering.

64-65 ROBBED
The warrior manages to escape, but all his weapons, armour and equipment are lost.

The opponent player manages to rob the warrior from all his weapons, armour and equipment. Remove all eguipment from the warrior. The opponent player gains them all. A random hero or henchmen group from the opponents roster gains 5 Bounty Points.

The warrior has been knocked unconscious, or suffers a light wound from which he makes a full recovery.

The warrior survives without an single scratch. He can join his fellows in exploration this turn.

The warrior gets lost from his band and wanders alone on the streets of Korso. He scouts new areas and mark them on his mind. While doing their exploration, the bands other heroes find the lost warrior and make use of his findings. The player may reroll one exploration dice once.

The warrior makes a full physical recovery, but is psychologically scarred by his experience. From now on the warrior hates the following (roll a D6):
D6 Result
1-3 The individual who caused the injury. If it was a Henchman, he hates the enemy leader instead.
4 The leader of the warband that caused the injury.
5 The entire warband of the warrior responsible for the injury.
6 All warbands of that type.

The warrior regains consciousness and finds himself held captive by the other warband. He may be ransomed at a price set by the captor or exchanged for one of their warband who is being held captive.
Captives may be sold to slavers at a price of D6x5 gc.
Undead may kill their captive and gain a new Zombie.
The Possessed may sacrifice the prisoner. The leader of the warband will gain +1 Experience if they do so.
Captives who are exchanged or ransomed retain all their weapons, armour and equipment; if captives are sold, killed or turned to Zombies, their weaponry, etc, is retained by their captors.

The warrior survives and becomes inured to the horrors of Korso. From now on he is immune to fear.

The warrior causes fear from now on.

The warrior wakes up in the infamous fighting pits of Cutthroat’s Haven and must fight against a Pit Fighter. See the Hired Swords section for full rules for Pit Fighters. Roll to see which side charges, and fight the battle as normal. If the warrior loses, roll to see whether he is dead or injured (ie, a D100 roll). If he is not dead, he is thrown out of the fighting pits without his armour and weapons and may re-join his warband. If the warrior wins he gains 50 gc, +2 Experience and is free to rejoin his warband with all his weapons and equipment.

The warrior survives and rejoins his warband. He gains +1 Experience.

Injury Table

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